What does Muletown mean? Columbia, TN, aka The Dimple of the Universe, aka Muletown Tennessee, is a quickly growing city in Maury County, TN. Columbia is called Muletown because it is the mule capital of the world, where mules were bred and trained for WW1. To this day, mules are such an important part to local identity that there is now an annual Mule Day event.
Muletown Flyer is a community magazine written by the people of Maury & Marshall County, TN. With events, stories, puzzle, and coloring pages, Muletown Flyer is the perfect community companion for locals & tourists alike.
Published from December 2020 to January 2022, 13 issues.
The knowledge and experience gained from this project is incredibly valuable. From branding to bookkeeping, sales to distribution, I dedicated more than a year providing a quality and well-sought-after community flyer. The Flyer was on the rise in popularity but could no longer sustain production without the support of local businesses. With the proper teammates, this project has great potential. -JH

Logo inspired by a mule named Molly.

Want to see more? Full PDF version available below:

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