Ivy Accounting is a small accounting firm in Mendocino County, CA. This client wanted a simplified version of their original outdated logo.
Ely Cyrus ran for the Alaska State House District 40 and used this logo for all his correspondence, signage, postcards, and web presence. 
Kevin Shoun is a real estate agent in Texas who needed a logo that stood out on yard signs. Kevin has been using this logo for 3 years and two real estate teams. 
Tier One Roofing is a new roofing company in Texas who wanted their logo to reflect their past military service in the armed forces. This company is owned and operated by military veterans.
Muletown Flyer is my latest venture. Muletown if the nickname of Columbia, TN, where mules have been an important part of the local history. The logo was inspired by a mule named Molly, who lived across the street at a horse retirement ranch.
J. Hansen Media LLC is the parent company and publisher of Muletown Flyer.

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