One of my recent projects included the design of a logo and a powerpoint presentation with a fast turnaround. It's a Native-owned business looking to expand their services. 
My first task was to design a logo. I was provided with the image of an Inuit drum with a raven and immediately opened up Adobe Illustrator and got to work. It was one of the first logos I designed for a client using the golden ratio method so I was unsure how it was going to be received. To my delight, the client loved the logo and didn't want to proceed with any other mockups. 
Upon completion of the logo, I received the information for a powerpoint presentation. I used some of my own photos for visuals and was able to submit a 10-slide powerpoint within 3-4 hours, including back and forth communication with the client on changes. Below are some of the slides highlighting parts of the presentation:

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